“Domestic spirit il deity,
Everyone is judged by this prophetic idol.
And it seems that our things are
His private household. ”
Charles Baudelaire.

We are glad to welcome you to the site of the cattery “ASFJORD”. Our cattery, engaged in breeding Maine Coon cats, originally got its name from the Old Scandinavian word “ansur”, which translates as “gods”, “ases”. The seemingly presumptuous decision was dictated by two serious reasons.
The first is the “patriarch” of the nursery and the soul of the whole family, feline and human, handsome Senator. When he got into the house, two variants of his “home” name were considered: Senya and Thor – the Scandinavian god of thunder and lightning. Of course, we unanimously chose the name of the fearsome and proud god.
For this reason, it was decided to use the motives of Scandinavian mythology in the design and name of the Ansur kennel.

The second reason is our complete agreement with the famous saying: “A dog sees God in its owner. The cat sees God in the mirror. ” Taking this maxim with all our heart, we mean ALL cats, not just Maine Coons.
The cattery was originally registered under the WCF system under the name ANSUR. Over time, we decided to breed cats according to the rules of the FIFe system. To do this, it was necessary to register the nursery in this system. During registration it turned out
that this name is already taken and we had to register our cattery under the name ASFJORD in the FIFe system. The owner is me – Oksana Kozyakova, the co-owner is my husband Pyotr Kozyakov.

The cattery “ASFJORD” will never become big due to the fact that a certain amount of space is needed for the decent keeping of cats,
which in our case is limited by the size of the apartments. But this is not the main reason. It is very important to note that most of the animals withdrawn from breeding will stay with us, in their large and friendly family.

The cats of the cattery are socialized, accustomed to the tray and scratching post and have access to all rooms.
They try to adhere to the rules of living together with us and observe the necessary prohibitions, which can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Naturally, sometimes nature takes over, and inquisitive, mobile coons allow themselves to play a little hooliganism. It is also natural that this does not in any way diminish our boundless love for them.
On the pages of the site, we tried to tell in detail about the unusual Maine Coon breed, about our wonderful cats and their wonderful offspring.

I would like to believe that the materials of the section “Coon in the House” will be useful for ALL owners of cats, and not only for owners of purebred animals. Remember: ANY cat has the right to decent maintenance and care.
If on the pages of the site you did not find the information you need – write, and we will be happy to answer all your questions.